Battleforce:Rebellion and hmm...something new? Maybe!
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Known by many names, Otto has been working in the adult industry for nearly 15 years. Today he is most known as JAG27, the 3D comics illustrator, writer, and animator. With nearly 12,000 individual images attributed to him, he continues to be one of the most popular and prolific artists in the field, contributing his personal style and flair to some of the most awesome BBW, weight gain, expansion, pregnancy, and futanari art to be found anywhere!

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However, please understand that I make a living selling my content and it has taken me well over a decade...bordering on nearly 16 years to arrive at the quality and level that I am now. And because I am under contract with Crazy3dworld...I cannot and will not discuss the details, methods, or processes involved with my work. This includes software and site operations. Also, do not add links or attachments to your messages. Also do NOT ADD MY EMAIL ADDRESS to your mailing list. People who violate my simple rules will be blocked and not responded to at all. Sorry, but no links, attachments, or questions about how I do what I do. If you have comments or questions about storylines you may feel free to contact me. I do not accept, review, critique, or peruse submitted plots or ideas. Sorry, but contracts and copyrights as they are, it is not feasible for me to review submitted content. So don't send me plots or ideas. Questions and comments only. Thanks.
3 October 2013

So I'm sitting around working on episode 5 of BATTLEFORCE...when I get this email from my boss and he's just read episode 4 and his question is, "Did you plan this from the beginning?" My response is yes and no. As many of my fans may know, the Battleforce series began back in like 1998-99. The original series was entitled, "The Clinic" and carried over from there into "BF:Galacticus." And so yeah...nearly fifteen years later, the original plot, by a new title, still carries on. And with episode 4 and 5 of the new Battleforce series, I revisit a lot of the original series and explain some things that were always somewhat fishy. Holes that hung open are now being filled in and you'll learn things you may have guessed about are true. Would a small ship full of humans really make a dent in a grand galactic empire? Sure...if they had help...but who was that help? Anyway, suffice it to say that some of the filling-in was so mind-blowing that it knocked my boss' socks off, so hopefully fans of the series will enjoy the new material. New comics should be posting in October 2013. Also my apologies for not updating my blog in a while. You know me by now. I'd much rather work on my art than sit around typing about it.

19 FEBRUARY 2013

Yeah, I know...I got so busy preparing for the Mayan End of the World...I freaking forgot to update my blog. Terrible I know. Seriously, I've just been extremely busy as crap the last few months trying to get back on track with my comics production schedule. I'd like to get back to some animation at some point, but until the comics are caught up...well...no can do. On that front, I have just finished up episode 7 of Neue Rasse. There will be some Malevolent Intentions and other goodies coming shortly. As many of you may have figured out, THE CHAPERONE did not die with episode 100...in fact it picked up a notch. The end is not yet nigh for the series by any means, though some serious turbulence for the characters is coming. Also, PLUMPTOPIA has been updated. I have a new animated intro on the index page and I've swapped out 75 of the older images in the comics gallery, replacing them with newer images. They are inter-mingled though, so you'll just have to look for them I'm afraid. Most will stand out if you've viewed the page before I'm sure. ALSO - Thanks to the members who have been rating my comics and ebooks highly. I appreciate that! Please remember to vote on all new content! Enough yabbering...back to making the porn.

16 NOVEMBER 2012

WOW...been a while since I've had time to update my blog. My sincere apologies on that. Members of Crazyxxx may now be aware that we're finally getting some serious updates to the website design. We're debugging an update right now that will provide a search engine which is series title oriented as well as subject/content oriented. In other words, you'll be able to search for a series title, like Malevolent Intentions...or search for more specific topics like "pregnant" or "MILF" and so on. In addition, we're implementing a ratings option where you can rate 0 to 5 stars on any content we have. PLEASE REMEMBER TO RATE ME WELL...I like my job! Hint-hint! Wink-wink! But now, I know you're probably more interested in what I'm actually working on. Well I have just completed episode 22 of LANGSUIR CHRONICLES...so expect two new updates...one I believe has already posted...so 22 is coming soon. But also, over the last few years, I've had a lot of requests for more SHADOWS OF THE PAST. I sort of started that series as a prequel to the Langsuir battle, and it got a bit shorted, plot wise, when I rammed it back into Langsuirs. Sooooooo...I am returning to the series with episode 13 and I'm reworking a bit of it and it's going to have it's own limited run. Be warned though, it's going to be violent and dark...very dark. Well that's it for now...back to work!

1 August 2012

I have just completed work on episode 99 of THE CHAPERONE. And in celebration of the coming 100th episode of this long-running series, I am currently working with Amanda Wrighter on creating THE CHAPERONE - AN EPISODE GUIDE, a PDF ebook that will be released later this month or early September. The guide will feature individual episode descriptions as well as content advisories [aka, does it have pregnant or weightgain in it, and so forth]. Also there will be some never-before-seen artwork featured in it. The guide will be FREE - yep, I said it...the guide is free and will be available from several locations including Plumptopia. It will also feature a Q&A section, so if you have any questions about the series you'd like answered and featured in the guide, get them emailed to me no later than the 10th. Put "Guide question" as the subject of your email. Newest episodes of the series itself should be forthcoming this month.

15 July 2012

I have just finished work on THE CHAPERONE, episodes 96 and 97, so I expect them to be released sometime in early August. Both episodes revolve around Olivia and Margaret, both finally having to deal with consequences of their actions...one coming out stronger...one...not so much. Needless to say, there will be conflict and maybe even a death? As I approach episode 100 of the series, expect to see some of the long-running plots getting resolved finally. By episode 101, I want to start fresh with the Chaperone cast...and to do that, I've got to resolve some of the crap. So am I giving any tidbits away? Hmmm...one. The father of Olivia's baby will finally be revealed in episode 97...and Amy starts to chub-out! Shock I know...right? Well anyways, that's what I've been working on. And now I'm on episode 98. Check Deviantart if you want to see some previews of the upcoming issues before they post.

28 May 2012

Just finished up UNINHIBITED episode 5...probably won't post till later in June...not sure on the date yet. Also, I just updated the FREE PLUMPTOPIA GALLERY [see links on sidebar] with 35 brand new images from recent comics. Newest images are at the top of the comics gallery page. Some of the dialogue is censored and you will notice small watermarks on most images. My apologies for that...but necessary. Currently working on Uninhibited 6.

10 May 2012

Ah, just an update for those of you who read my blog periodically. I have currently resumed work on UNINHIBITED, a series that is a step-off from MALEVOLENT INTENTIONS. It will be primarily focusing on the Howell Clinic and its patients, both criminal prisoner and others as well as the somewhat nefarious Doctor Evans...the woman we originally thought was a good guy...and as it turns out...isn't quite. We'll also be learning that Brenda, the blonde strip club manager isn't as stupid as we all thought. In addition to the new CHAPERONE episodes posting later this month, you'll also note that I'm working a little harder on realism in the comics. I've been taking some serious steps over the last few months to improve overall quality in both story plots and the artwork. With CHAPERONE 93, you'll begin to see some of the improvements. I'm also taking a more hard-core approach with some of the sexual content, so look forward to seeing more stark depravity and up-close, in-your-face sexual situations. To be blunt, I'm moving my comics down a darker and more intense road. Expect them to be more than just jolly excuses to show pudgy chicks naked. Mind you, I still like naked pudgy chicks, but I've felt the insatiable need to put more drive into my plots. To me, there must be a reason for everything...and so I'm really focused on stronger plots for my comics now. Feel free to email me and let me know how you like the newer stuff. Again, changes will begin mostly with CHAPERONE 93 and UNINHIBITED 3. Following these, I am hoping to return to NEUE RASSE.

10 April 2012

The price for initial signup at Crazyxxx3dworld.com has gone back up to $39 as of this month. The rebill price will remain $29 however as an incentive to retain an active account. The increase was due to decisions made by the site owner [my boss] and not me. I apologize for the matter from a personal standpoint, but inflation is what it is, unfortunately, and I'm not talking about the upscaling of cartoon women. Also for those of you interested, as mentioned above, I'm now working on a new episode of THE CHAPERONE, episode 93 to be precise and I think most of you will be blown away by the art in it. Also, it will be sort of a single focus episode which follows Joy and Joan after they run into the hillbillies who originally knocked Joy up way back in episode 1 and 2 of the series. Many of you have been asking for a return to that...and I've finally gotten the time to work on it. Updates for next few weeks include two new episodes of THE EYELAND PROJECT which should debut before the new CHAPERONE episode. If you follow me on Deviant Art [www.deviantart.com] you can catch some samples and spoilers for the upcoming episodes. My account there is [ http://plumptopia.deviantart.com ]- updated a lot more than my blog as well. In final note, I will be trying to update Plumptopia itself sometime later this month. Keep an eye on it.

5 March 2012

What have I been up to and why haven't I posted a new blog notice in two months? Well, probably because I been busy as crap, I guess. I just finished up episode 16 of the Eyeland Project and I have resumed work on...guess what? LANGSUIRS! A lot of you have been asking for it, so I'm returning to the series as of yesterday. The first new episode should be out, I'm guessing, by around mid-April sometime. I'll be picking up where episode 20 left off and I'll be finally wrapping up the "Old One Invasion" arc. Damn thing has been dragging on since 2008. Yeah, yeah...I know...too long. But anyway, I'll be wrapping it finally and cleaning up the loose ends. After that, I suspect I'll be returning to Habitat-5 again. Also some of you have been wigging out that you can't find "JAG27" comics on the Crazyxxx3dworld site. I'm there still...just using the "OTTO MADDOX" name now. Sorry if that's blown anyone's mind...but type JAG27 into a search engine and you get all sorts of crazy crap that has nothing to do with me at all, so I decided it was time to just start using my name. It's a lot more unique anyway. I've even got a new email address, so check the email links on the left hand side of the page here for the new link for contacting me. Also some of you may have noticed or will be noticing, a dramatic new shift in realism with my comics. I have recently undertaken building of my own computer workstation and its render capacity is greatly improved and so I'm attacking some of the more technical 3D techniques that my previous system was not quite capable of handling. So over the next few weeks you'll start to see more realistic skin and lighting on many of my comics. That's it for now. Thanks.